Sweden In Sweden, the dead police were probably not the original target of the shooting

This is the third police officer killed in the 21st century.

In Sweden the police who died from the injuries they received after the shooting were probably not the original target of the shooting. Chief of Police of the Greater Gothenburg Region Erik Nord tells the news agency TT about it.

“There have been shootings between criminal groups in the past. Most likely, the shooting was not aimed at the police. In the pre-trial investigation, we have various options under consideration, but we currently have no indication of anything else, ”Nord says, repeating a previously published police bulletin message.

The police according to the information, the police and his colleague who had received fatal injuries had talked to people on the spot when they were shot at. Police had arrived in the area at local time late Wednesday night. People had reported hearing shots in the area. In addition to the working couple, there had been other police officers in the area.

In Sweden, three police officers were killed in the course of their work in the 21st century. Previous Deaths occurred in 2007 and 2004.

Dead the police officer was a little over 30 years old and quite new to the profession. The death was reported early Thursday.

Police have questioned several people about the case. As late as last night, no one had been arrested for the incident.

Swedish Broadcasting Corporation SVT reports that cores have been found at the scene and sent for technical investigation. It is hoped that fingerprints will be found in them. According to the TT, the police have not confirmed the information.

The shooting took place in Hisingen, an island belonging to the city of Gothenburg.



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