Sweden In Sweden, left and Social Democrats agree on pension turnaround before Wednesday’s vote

The agreement means that the left will probably vote for the Social Democrats’ Magdalena Andersson’s prime minister on Wednesday.

Swedish the Social Democrats and the Left Party have reached an agreement on forming a government, say in Sweden an agreement on a new government has been tried on Tuesday night. Chairman of the Left Party Nooshi Dadgostar met with the chairman of the social democrats Magdalena Anderssonin.

Dadgostar left the meeting after a couple of hours without commenting on the talks. Andersson’s communications manager, on the other hand, told reporters waiting outside that “information is provided when there is something to report.”

In the evening, the Left Party wrote on its home page that it had reached an agreement on the pension issue with the Social Democrats.

“Pensions will be increased by SEK 1,000 a month, tax-free, for the 700,000 pensioners in the weakest situation,” the website says.

A parliamentary vote on the approval or rejection of the prime minister-designate will be held on Wednesday morning at nine o’clock, or ten o’clock in Finnish time. An agreement on a new government was hoped for before Wednesday’s vote.

Torsion has concerned the Left Party’s demand for an increase in pensions. According to the party, raising pensions is a prerequisite for supporting Andersson as the new prime minister.

If no agreement is reached by Wednesday, the left will plan to vote against Andersson, Dadgostar said at a news conference on Monday.

Andersson said on Monday that the Social Democrats and the Greens are ready to discuss pension improvements for the most vulnerable retirees. According to him, the question is which technology will be used to increase pensions.

Speaker of Parliament Andreas Norlén said on Monday he would nominate Social Democrat Andersson as prime minister. The President may nominate a Prime Minister four times. If the election is not successful, extra elections are promised.

If Andersson is elected, she will become the first woman to be Prime Minister of Sweden.

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