Sweden In her keynote address, Magdalena Andersson set out the conditions for receiving social benefits – Calls for the mobilization of society as a whole to solve gang crime

The first line of speech by Magdalena Andersson, the new chairman of the Swedish Social Democrats, was like a love letter to the Social Democrats.


In Sweden and there are many great problems in the world, but they will be solved by social democracy.

This is how the new Swedish Social Democrat presidency can be summed up Magdalena Anderssonin line speech message.

Andersson gave a 50-minute keynote speech at a party meeting in Gothenburg on Friday. After the speech, an audience of party colleagues showed Andersson standing in praise for several minutes.

In his speech, Andersson commented on gang crime, segregation, climate change, equality and the future of Swedish welfare society, among other things.

At first Andersson told the story from the 1990s, when he met Wall Street bankers as a political expert in the Cabinet Preparatory Office.

Sweden was forced to make big budget cuts because of the recession, and Andersson was asking bankers for a loan.

According to Andersson, the “grinning bankers of Wall Street” blasphemed the death of the Swedish model.

In his speech, Andersson then cut to the financial crisis of 2007-2009, noting that it was understood at the time that an unregulated market economy was not the solution, but the problem. With the financial crisis, banks turned to politicians and asked for help from society.

“Wall Street is no longer grinning,” Andersson said.

In the field of politics now blowing winds that elevate social democratic parties, Andersson said, stressing that a strong society is a way to solve Sweden’s problems.

“We will take control back,” he summed up in his speech.

He asked how it might be possible for a child born in one of the richest and most equal countries in the world to murder another person even before he or she turns 18 years old.

According to Andersson, gang crime is rooted in problems of segregation, exacerbated by previous political decisions and lack of integration.

Social Democrat have been in government for seven years, and according to Andersson, much has already been done: new penalties have been created and old ones have been tightened, and the number of police officers has been increased.

However, gang violence is still a serious problem that will take a long time to correct.

As a solution, Andersson proposes to further strengthen the role of society. When society has not been strong enough, criminal gangs have created their own rules and their own legal systems.

“They stand openly outside of schools and recruit our children for a criminal lifestyle where explosions and shootings are commonplace,” Andersson described.

According to Andersson, gang crime cannot be separated from the rest of society, but is “shamefully well integrated into our economy”.

“It can be thought of by anyone who repairs their house or nails their nails at inappropriately cheap prices and anyone who orders drugs for home delivery or buys sex.”

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According to Andersson, more must be expected from those who move to Sweden. “We set clear requirements, but we also offer opportunities,” he summed up.

Work is the foundation of everything, Andersson said. Young people have to go to school, parents have to learn Swedish and go to work or train for a profession.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this, it’s enough to be a Social Democrat,” Andersson said, and laughed at the congressional audience.

Andersson said the party’s goal is to get social benefits for consideration. This could mean, for example, that the beneficiary must be offered jobs for at least a few hours each week, in addition to learning the language.

“This is how Sweden works. Here, everyone is allowed to be involved and participate, ”Andersson said.

For politicians Andersson also gave spikes to competitors.

Andersson called the Swedish Democrats a right-wing nationalist party with roots in Nazism. The moderate coalition, the toughest rival, received criticism for the planned co-operation with the Swedish Democrats.

Andersson spoke about climate change on several occasions. According to him, Sweden needs to build a “green people’s home” that can show the rest of the world that green investments bring growth and jobs. He highlighted northern Sweden, where € 7 billion is now being invested in green projects.

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During his speech, Andersson moved when he told of his father, who contracted Alzheimer’s disease. He recounted how a respected teacher began to forget things and was no longer able to order food at the restaurant. Andersson praised the care his father received and declared that the Swedish welfare society and care must be of a high standard throughout the country.

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