Sweden Dagens Nyheter: Hunter Biden and the Swedish state were in dispute over a tenancy in Washington in 2017

The future president’s son did not comply with security regulations in his office, which he had rented from the Swedish embassy building.

Swedish state real estate agency and Joe Biden son Hunter Biden were in dispute in 2017, says a Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN).

DN has received a recent e-mail correspondence with Hunter Biden from the Swedish State Property Agency (Statens fastighetsverk) under the Swedish Public Access Act. They show that Biden was an awkward tenant.

Biden is a businessman and a lawyer. He had an office in Washington in the House of Sweden, in a building that houses the Swedish and also the Icelandic embassies. Biden’s rent was $ 50,000 for the quarter, which would be just under $ 13,700 a month.

Flies between the real estate agency and Biden arose, according to DN, primarily because Biden repeatedly brought guests to his office through the back door. This was contrary to the house’s strict safety regulations, which require all visitors to pass through the front door through metal detectors.

The real estate agency approached Hunter Biden repeatedly.

“It has come to my notice again that it appears that visitors have reached number 507 [Bidenin toimistoon] from the north entrance after office hours – we have video surveillance around the clock throughout the building, ”wrote a representative of the real estate agency. “Help us keep the building safe and follow the instructions of the House of Sweden.”

Biden replied in a long email to the accelerated tone. Biden accused the landlord of racism.

“If [henkilöllä NN] there are problems with my guests ’race or dress, I feel we should sit down to talk down in the presence of a lawyer,” Biden wrote.

Biden said in one of his messages that the basketball coach of his daughter had visited the office. According to DN, the woman worked at the Strip Tease Club and later gave birth to a child whose paternity Biden refused to admit until in court.

Tenancy lasted only a year, and the lease was terminated prematurely. According to DN, the initiative was taken by Biden, and the Swedish State Real Estate Agency agreed to it.

The end of the tenancy was not painless either. Biden accumulated rent arrears. He stopped answering the real estate agency’s emails, and the letter post piled up unopened.

The real estate agency had to threaten Biden with eviction. Eventually, however, this paid its arrears and emptied the office in January 2018. According to DN, a new tenant was quickly replaced.


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