Sweden and Finland The Prime Ministers of Sweden and Finland will hold a joint press conference in Helsinki, live at around 11.20

Fighter deals and expensive electricity electrify the first meeting between Andersson and Marin.

Swedish the new Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson arrived in Finland on Wednesday morning for the first visit abroad to Finland. Andersson and the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin (sd) will hold a joint press conference in Helsinki this morning, which HS will show live. The briefing is scheduled to begin at 11.20.

Andersson meets with the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö after the press conference.

Prime Ministers according to the Prime Minister’s Office, discuss bilateral issues and EU issues. The most important bilateral issue between Finland and Sweden will be resolved this month when Finland chooses its new multi-purpose fighter.

Sweden has offered Saab Gripen but it has not been very successful in pre-betting. The choice of fighter is also related to the defense co-operation between Finland and Sweden, which has intensified considerably in recent years.

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The distance between Finland and Sweden is excellent anyway. Marin made his first visit abroad as prime minister, as usual in Sweden.

However, as the frosts intensify, the distance between countries has also intensified, as the price of electricity in Finland is already six times higher than a year ago. Nordic exchange electricity is the most expensive in ten years, and Sweden is accused in Finland of restricting electricity exports to Finland in violation of market rules.

Andersson made history on the 25th of last month when she was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister. The day became particularly historic after seven and a half hours, when Andersson announced his resignation, making Sweden the shortest prime ministerial career ever.

The difference was due to a budget dispute, as a result of which the environmental party walked out of the joint government of the demarches and the center. Andersson was re-elected prime minister on the last day of November and will lead a Social Democrat minority government backed by the Environment Party and the Center.

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The government will have to work on a budget drawn up by the right and approved by Parliament. Government support in the Swedish Parliament is not particularly strong.

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