Suspects Minors suspected of murder: 24-year-old died in the evening after a mass struggle at Helsinki Central Station

The 24-year-old victim died after being stabbed.

Police has launched a preliminary investigation into the alleged suspicion of minors, report Helsinki Police Department.

The suspected homicide took place on Monday night at about half past nine at Helsinki Central Station. There was a fight at the main train station where one person was stabbed. According to police, ten people, mostly with a foreign background, took part in the fight.

The 24-year-old victim died shortly after the first police patrol arrived on the scene.

After the stabbing, the suspects traveled by train to Malmi train station, where the police reached them.

“Police quickly reached some of the suspects from Malmi train station, where they had traveled by train after the events. The suspects in the murder are minors, ”says the director of investigation, the commissioner of crime Jukka Larkio.

Police said yesterday that the situation did not pose a danger to bystanders.

The police receive eyewitness observations by e-mail [email protected]

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