Suspected criminal offenses The teenager took the car without permission and fled ten kilometers of police in Espoo – Police: Chasing in a traffic jam would have been dangerous

The driver was driving at a considerable speed.

21.1. 11:12

A teenager and a driver without a driver drove the police to escape in Espoo on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. The kilometer-long getaway ended in a snowboard.

The police are investigating what happened as a serious threat to traffic safety and the right to drive a vehicle.

Inspector Ilkka Kantola says alcohol or drugs had no part in what happened.

Police decided to stop the car in the center of Espoo. According to Kantola, this was a routine inspection and, according to Kantola, the driver had not been found to be making any specific mistakes before the escape.

During the escape, however, the driver was driving at a considerable speed. The maximum driver speed was 96 kilometers per hour in an area with a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour. Driving conditions were poor, causing the car to skate on the road.

“If this had happened during the morning rush hour, the situation would have looked completely different,” Kantola says.

The driver drove from Kylätorintie towards Kauniainen, sometimes along the driveway and sometimes on light traffic lanes. However, personal injuries were avoided as there was little other traffic at the time of the incident.

The getaway ended at Kirkkotie when the driver tried to turn the car onto the walkway. According to Kantola, the distance was almost ten kilometers.


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