Suspected criminal offenses The stabbing in Kuusijärvi, Vantaa, on Midsummer’s Eve is investigated as aggravated assault

The fight led to a stab on Friday morning.

One the person is in the possession of the police in connection with the stabbing in Kuusijärvi, Vantaa, on Midsummer’s Eve, the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department announced on Sunday.

The stabbing took place early on Midsummer morning, June 25, in the parking lot of Kuusijärvi beach. At the time of the incident, there was a larger entourage of people who had arrived at the scene with two cars.

A quarrel broke out between the two men, leading to a stab.

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26-year-old the man was injured in his middle body by a steel weapon during a fight.

“Violence against the middle body with a blade gun is always dangerous. In such cases, the title of the investigation could easily be even a attempted murder, but in this case the injury was fortunately so mild that the title of the investigation is a gross assault, ”said the Eastern Uusimaa Police Ongoing Investigating Director, Crime Commissioner Timo Luoto in the bulletin.

The victim left the scene himself on foot, after which he was examined at the hospital.

Police says the preliminary investigation has progressed well. Police made several arrests in the case, but there is currently only one person in police possession.

The sentence for aggravated assault is a minimum of one and a maximum of ten years.



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