Suspected criminal offenses The Security Trade Centre’s mask trade case now goes to the prosecutor, under the title of gross fraud

Police suspect two people have given the Security of Supply Center false information about protective equipment.

Central Criminal Police has completed a preliminary investigation into the procurement of protective equipment by the Security of Supply Center (IGC).

In it, the police have investigated whether the Security of Supply Center has been mistaken for procuring respirators that did not meet the requirements set for them. The pre-trial investigation, which began in April 2020, will now move to prosecution and possibly later to trial.

The preliminary investigation relates to stores where the IGC ordered respirators from a supplier. The IGC tested the face masks upon arrival in the ground and it was then found that the protective equipment purchased did not meet the requirements for respiratory protection.

During the preliminary investigation, two people are suspected of gross fraud.

“The preliminary investigation has clarified whether the procurement of protective equipment provided incorrect information to the IGC or failed to provide such material information that may have been relevant in making the procurement decision and thus caused damage to the Security of Supply Center,” says the investigation director Mikko Laaksonen About the Central Criminal Police.

Already has been reported last yearthat the suspects are a businessman Onni Sarmaste and a beauty entrepreneur Tiina Jylhä. They have denied the crimes.

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Police says it seized funds worth a total of just over three million euros and two value cars during the preliminary investigation. The deadline for bringing charges has been extended to August 2021 by a decision of the Helsinki District Court.

In connection with the trade in protective equipment, suspected gross money laundering has also been investigated, as well as gross embezzlement and abuse of trust on the basis of a separate investigation request. With regard to these, the prosecutor has, on the proposal of the police, made a decision to limit the preliminary investigation.

From the end of the spring, a preliminary investigation into the IGC’s internal activities in the procurement of protective equipment was transferred to the prosecution. The preliminary investigation into aggravated fraud, which has now been completed, is the last of the criminal reports of IGC dealings recorded in the Central Criminal Police.



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