Suspected criminal offenses The police closed the investigation into the suspected electoral crime in Turku, no crime has taken place

Police did not find any victims or suspects in the investigation.

Southwest Finland the police have terminated the preliminary investigation into the suspected electoral crime because the investigation revealed that no crime had occurred.

Police did not find any more victims of the crime than potential suspects during the investigation.

Police received a noticethat in the Varissuo polling station in Turku there might have been pressure on people to vote for a candidate during the advance voting.

Election officials noticed that people who had not seemed to understand the electoral process due to language problems had been brought to the polling station. Election officials got the impression that voters would have been instructed to vote for a particular candidate.

In the preliminary investigation several people were consulted.

“The investigation has not confirmed the allegations made about the electoral crime. No one has a personal finding of the alleged activities,” says the director of investigation, the criminal commissioner Jari Riiali in the bulletin.

Allegations of electoral crime were based on second-hand knowledge or the feeling of election officials that someone had pressured voters to vote for a particular candidate, Riiali continues.

The pre-trial has not revealed any people who have been pressured or threatened to vote for someone. Police also did not identify the person who had exerted such pressure or intimidation.

“As it can be concluded from the facts revealed during the preliminary investigation that no crime has taken place and no one has reason to suspect the crime, the investigation of the case will be closed,” Riiali states.



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