Suspected criminal offenses Son of author Paul Auster accused of overdosing his baby

Daniel Auster was charged with murder when a doctor found a 10-month-old baby to be killed by an overdose of fentanyl and heroin.

Author Paul Austerin son Daniel Auster is charged with the death of his baby. A baby girl under the age of one was found unconscious in her home in Brooklyn last November and was later pronounced dead in hospital. Overdose of fentanyl and heroin was identified as the cause of death. News about it The New York Times.

Daniel Auster is accused of murder, aggravated death and endangering the welfare of the child, the magazine writes.

Defense Attorney John Godfreyn according to Auster is currently in the drought and is participating in a drug counseling program.

“This case is painfully tragic, and Mr Auster is still shocked by the loss of his beloved daughter, Ruby,” the lawyer said.

“Substance abuse is a problem that many families suffer from. We hope the public doesn’t make too fast judgments and respect family privacy during these difficult times.”

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The day of death events known that the baby was awake and appeared to be okay when the mother Zuzan Smith went to work in the morning. Auster has told police he injected heroin after his wife left and then went to bed with the baby. When he woke up, the child next to him on the bed was “blue, lifeless and unresponsive.” Auster said he gave his child an overdose of the antidote and tried to resuscitate him before calling the emergency number.

The lawsuit does not tell how the drugs got into the child’s body.

Daniel Auster is not dealing with law enforcement for the first time. In 1996, his name was linked to an underworld showdown in which a drug dealer died Andrew Melendez. Auster was not involved in the murder, but $ 3,000 was stolen from Melendez. At the time, Auster was sentenced to probation.

Daniel Auster’s father, Paul Auster, did not want to comment on the matter to the New York Times.

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In his works, both Paul Auster and his wife, Daniel Auster’s stepmother Siri Hustvedt are sidelined drug addiction. In Hustvedt’s novel Everything I loved is a character who is arrested in connection with the murder of a drug dealer. Paul Auster’s novel Oracle Night the narrator, on the other hand, is a writer whose son is a drug addict.

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