Suspected criminal offenses Police suspect 16-year-old boy of stabbing at Helsinki railway station where young adult died – Other detainees released

The suspect was arrested on Tuesday night.

Police suspects Monday night About the stabbing at Helsinki Central Station 16-year-old boy. The matter is being investigated as a murder.

Helsinki police said on Tuesday they were investigating a stab at the main railway station and had arrested six people. The stabbing, according to police, took place during a mass struggle in which the two gangs clashed. There were about ten people involved in the fight.

The 16-year-old suspect was arrested on Tuesday night. The other six people were released after interrogations on Tuesday. One of them is suspected of assault.

Fight had developed on Monday evening before half past nine near the station piers on the Kaisaniemi Park side. Police arrested several minors at Malmi train station on suspicion of the act.

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