Suspected criminal offenses Police investigate suspected stabbing on Kaivokatu on Saturday night, victim suffered life-threatening injuries

Helsinki police have not yet reached the suspects.

Helsinki police are investigating a stab in Kaivokatu on Saturday morning. The incident is investigated under the criminal title of attempted murder.

The victim received life-threatening injuries from the situation, which were treated in hospital.

The situation began with a brawl between two groups in front of a restaurant on Yrjönkatu.

According to police, the parties met again on Kaivokatu, when two men attacked the victim and one of them stabbed him.

Police has not yet reached the man suspected of stabbing and moving with him.

“Police are asking for eyewitness sightings of events as well as asking for identification assistance from suspected perpetrators. All the information and eyewitness findings are valuable, but the police are particularly interested in the findings of the suspected perpetrators, ”says the Director of Investigation, Commissioner Tuomas Lindholm.

Characteristics of the suspect who stabbed the victim: less than 180 cm tall, about 20 years old, and a man with short dark hair. He had dark clothes and a shoulder bag with a purple strap. Another factor suspected of assault is a man over 180 cm tall. He is suspected of hitting the victim on Kaivokatu.

All information is requested at or 050 562 7405.



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