Suspected criminal offenses Police investigate suspected intentional overtaking in Kallio: Motorist accelerates over pedestrian

The victim was knocked to the ground in the situation and suffered minor physical injuries.

Helsinki the police are investigating the suspected overrun in Kallio, Helsinki. According to a report that came to the emergency center, the driver of the car had driven over the pedestrian on Wednesday night and then left the scene.

According to police, the incident took place at Harjutori on Wednesday after six in the evening.

The male victim survived the situation with minor injuries. Police suspect the motorist of a serious threat to road safety and a serious attempt at assault.

The police according to him, it was not an accident but an intentional overtaking.

The victim had approached the suspect’s stopped car, according to police. The driver had unexpectedly accelerated the car and hit the victim in the front left corner of the car.

The victim had caught the car window and dragged with the car, a police bulletin said.

“Based on the preliminary investigation, the suspect only accelerated the pace. He waved the car from side to side and made a tight turn. The victim crashed to the ground and turned over Helsinginkatu to the opposite traffic divider. The suspect gassed out of place, ”says the director of the case, the commissioner Tuomas Lindholm in the bulletin.

Police are looking for eyewitness information or clues about the case. Information can be reported by e-mail to or by telephone to 050 562 7405.



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