Suspected criminal offenses Police investigate stabs in Itäkeskus’ Tallinnanaukio, more than one injured

Several police patrols on site.

Helsinki The police received a notification on Thursday at 16.03 that a stabbing had taken place in Itäkeskus on Tallinnanaukio. There are several patrols on the scene investigating the situation.

At this point, it is known that three people were involved in the incident and more than one have been injured.

The police are still silent about the details, as they are still being clarified. It informed the message service on Twitter.

According to the police, the injured receive proper treatment and the people involved in the incident are in the possession of the police, ie no one is wanted because of the incident.

According to police, those involved in the stabbing incident are adults. This is therefore not a situation of stabbing among young people, as has been the case in public recently.

Adjustment 5.8. at 5.20 pm: The announcement time was 16.03, not 16.30, as initially stated in the text.



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