Suspected criminal offenses Police investigate attempted murder in Tapaninvainio, two 16-year-olds arrested on suspicion

The suspected crime took place on Sunday. Police arrested two 16-year-old boys in connection with the case.

Helsinki police report that it has made progress in its investigation into a suspected attempted murder in Tapaninvainio.

Police received a report of a stab at Ollilankuja on Sunday night. A bystander had heard a shout that someone had been stabbed. Police reached a group of four young people at the scene. One of them had injuries to his back that had been done with a blade gun. The man in question was a 16-year-old boy. He was given emergency first aid and was taken to a hospital for further treatment.

About the crime two 16-year-old boys were arrested as suspects. Police suspect both of them were in possession of blade guns that were hidden in a nearby grove after the act.

The victim was diagnosed with life-threatening stabbing injuries at the hospital. According to current knowledge, he is no longer in danger of death. For other incidents, possible criminal titles will be clarified as the preliminary investigation progresses.

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In the preliminary investigation It has so far emerged that the suspected stabbing may have been preceded by disagreements over the sale of e – tobacco. The victim said he had arranged deals in the Snapchat app. A 16-year-old salesman and a 16-year-old friend had arrived a moment later.

“The parties’ reports of the events are contradictory, but at the end of the encounter, one of the sellers is suspected of stabbing a 16-year-old in the back of a group of buyers,” says the forensic officer. Jari Koski in the bulletin.

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