Suspected criminal offenses Police have made progress in investigating a major sexual crime case: Central Finnish man suspected of exploiting dozens of children

To date, 90 victims have been identified. The suspected crimes have been committed through social media.

Inner Finland a police investigation into a large sexual offense has progressed, police report.

On the whole, a young Central Finnish man is suspected of having committed dozens of child sexual abuse through social media.

Police has identified more victims, for a total of 90. The crimes have targeted primary school children, the youngest of whom has been 5 years old and the oldest 13 years old. Victim identification work continues.

The suspect was arrested in April in the Central Finland District Court and is still in custody. In July, he was arrested on dozens of new crimes on suspicion of probable cause.

Previously it is reported that the suspected crimes occurred through social media in 2019–2021. Police were concerned that, despite the large number of victims, only one crime report had been filed.

The man is suspected of appearing on social media as a primary school child and having children sent himself videos. According to police, children appear sexually in videos or commit sexual acts for themselves.

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The man had recorded the videos. About 2,000 videos were found during a home search.

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Police has now demanded the suspect be arrested on suspicion of 36 new offenses against a child. Among the new suspected crimes include 17 suspected child sexual abuse and 19 suspected aggravated child sexual abuse.

The suspect was also arrested in the Central Finland District Court in December on suspicion of these crimes for probable reasons.

Proceedings are expected to begin in the Central Finland District Court in February.

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