Suspected criminal offenses Police complete investigation into ex-minister Katri Kulmun’s communications training, suspect still one official

The eyebrows themselves were not heard at all during the preliminary investigation. The training quarrel led to his resignation from the Ministry of Finance in June.

Helsinki police has completed the former Minister of Finance Katri Kulmunin (Central) Preliminary Examination in Communication Training. The matter is now being transferred to prosecution.

One person is suspected of fraud and breach of duty. The eyebrows themselves were not heard at all during the preliminary investigation.

Director of Investigation, Criminal Commissioner Markku Silen notes that the police did not even have the authority to assess whether Kulmuni might have committed a crime. My eyebrow was at the time of the suspected crime as a minister, so his position is decided by the Chancellor of Justice.

Silenin it was therefore justified that Kulmuni should have been consulted only if it had been absolutely necessary. In this way, he retains his ability to defend himself in the matter.

By this, Silen suggests that in the preliminary investigation, the witness has a duty to speak the truth.

The suspect is an official who was extensively involved in training procurement. Silen does not want to say whether the suspect has denied or admitted the act. He also does not want to say where the suspect has been.

According to Silen, the key legal question is whether the roles of minister and party chairman are so clearly separable that when Kulmuni received training, it could be paid by the ministry.

“This will have to be assessed by the prosecutor in the prosecution.”

A preliminary investigation report will be received by the prosecutor next week.

Training fuss led Get rid of the eyebrows from the post of Minister of Finance in early June.

The conversation began Suomen Kuvalehti reported that two ministries had purchased training for Kulmuni. HS data According to him, communication training has been purchased for Kulmun for more than 45,000 euros.

The ministries did not follow the Government’s procurement recommendations when they ordered coaching from the communications agency Tekir for Kulmuni.

“In social tasks, one has to take overall social responsibility. I have to take political responsibility for this, even though I did not know about all the procurements related to the whole and I have not ordered or procured them, ”Kulmuni explained his resignation.

My eyebrows also announced that they would pay the training costs back to the ministries. Prior to his role as Minister of Finance, Kulmuni worked as Minister of Economic Affairs.


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