Suspected criminal offenses Police complete a preliminary investigation into the blackmail branch of protective mask stores: Suspicion of trying to blackmail Onni Sarmaste to the value of five million euros

The Security of Supply Center made deals with masks that proved to be of poor quality with Onni Sarmaste in the spring of last year. Police suspect that attempts were made to blackmail Sarmaste after millions of deals.

11.8. 17:41

Police has completed an investigation into the confusing tangle associated with the aftercare laundry at the Security of Supply Center.

The thing is whether an attempt was made Congratulations Sarmastetta extinguish the financial advantage of EUR 5 000 000. Sarmaste made million deals with the Security of Supply Center in the spring of last year, but the masks he delivered were eventually revealed to be of poor quality.

There was an acute shortage of protective masks in Finnish health care at the time of mask stores as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, which is why the Finnish Center for Security sought to procure masks at a rapid pace. The center had negotiated mask shops with an entrepreneur Tiina Jylhän with the company, and in Jylhä’s view, the transaction with Sarmaste should have been carried out with his company.

Jylhä’s mask deliveries never progressed to implementation, but Sarmaste managed to deliver masks.

According to Tiina Jylhä’s assistant Kari Uoti, her principal denies having committed a crime in the blackmail case of Onni Sarmaste.

Police initiated several criminal investigations into the mask mess.

On Wednesday, police announced that they had completed an investigation into the so-called blackmail branch. Police said they suspected two attempts at aggravated extortion and incitement to aggravated extortion in the case.

“The case concerns a dispute between two people over a large-scale masking trade and a trade-related financial interest. The police suspect that the plaintiff has been demanded by forcing him to give up an economic benefit worth about 5,000,000 euros, for which no legal right has been presented during the preliminary investigation, ”the police said in a statement.

Helsingin Sanomat did not reach the director of investigation on Wednesday afternoon Mikko from Nikka to comment on the outcome of the investigation. Sarmaste, for his part, replied by text message that he commented on the events only through his assistant.

Sarmaste lawyer Heikki Huhtamäki says he will not comment on the content of the investigation.

“Sarmaste’s position is still that a crime has taken place here, and here a crime report has been filed with the police. Sarmaste gives the prosecutor peace of mind and does not comment further, ”Huhtamäki says.

Jylhän’s assistant Kari Uoti says his principal denies incitement to aggravated blackmail. Uoti also says he cannot comment on the secret preliminary investigation so far. In his view, however, the police bulletin gives a remarkably raucous picture of what is happening.

Police informed on Tuesday, having completed a preliminary investigation that the Security of Supply Center had been mistaken for invalid masks. The criminal offense in that branch is aggravated fraud.

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Sarmaste’s lawyer Huhtamaki also does not comment on the investigation into gross fraud, which in turn is suspected of Sarmaste and another person. Rude is not a suspect in that branch of fraud.



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