Suspected criminal offenses Parliament finds out how the videos about the attack on Sipilä ended up in the public domain

According to Parliament, the image material of camera surveillance is, in principle, confidential information.

Parliamentary the Chancellery has launched an inquiry into the termination of the camera surveillance images of the Parliament and other related activities of the Parliament.

This is about MTV News from the videos it has acquired. The videos show an incident in which a passer-by is being pushed by an MP, the ex-prime minister Juha Sipilää (central) in the center of Helsinki on the shelter road across Arkadiankatu between the parliamentary annex and Lasipalatsi.

Parliamentary according to the camera surveillance footage is basically confidential information.

Police are investigating the incident suspected of assault. The video shows how the suspect, after the exchange of words, goes to follow Sipilä and pushes him from behind.

Sipilä shakes and stops, after which the suspect leaves to follow him again.


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