Suspected criminal offenses IL: The Central Criminal Police launched a preliminary investigation into the activities of the State Audit Office

There are currently two suspects in the case, the director of the investigation tells Iltalehti. BTI has not reached the police.

Central Criminal Police (KRP) has started a preliminary investigation into the activities of the State Audit Office (VTV), says Evening paper. The director of the case tells the newspaper that there are two suspects in the case, but does not take a position on the identities of the suspects. The criminal offense is at least a breach of duty.

“The pre-trial investigation is still in its infancy, which is why I don’t want to comment further on the criminal titles at this stage. The case will at least be investigated for breach of duty. There are currently two people in the position of the suspect, ”the director of investigation Tommi Reen says Iltalehti.

Evening paper has previously reported the Director General of the Agency Tytti Yli-Viikarin have made a significant number of missions in recent years, but the Agency does not know how the accumulated flight points, ie the benefits granted to frequent flyers, have been used. According to state rules, points should be used when booking new missions.

In February the parliamentary audit committee said to determine travel expenses.

According to Iltalehti, Yli-Viikari has not agreed to comment on the use of flight points accumulated during missions. According to the newspaper, Yli-Viikari and the person in charge of legal affairs Mikko Koiranen received a reprimand from the Ombudsman in December for an illegal termination of service. Under the agreement, the official was paid for two years on the condition that he would not work or visit the workplace.

BTI has not yet reached the Director of Investigation or Yli-Viikari. Koiranen did not comment on the matter.

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