Suspected criminal offenses He manipulates and approaches high school girls – HS investigates how cultural counselor Veijo Baltzar, suspected of human trafficking, built a cult out of his theater

Cultural counselor Veijo Baltzar selected high school girls who were sensitive to his theater community. He manipulated, approached, controlled and attracted them to live in his home. 18 young women now tell of a cult whose founder was to be worshiped. This week, Baltzar was arrested on suspicion of aggravated human trafficking.

Paavo Teittinen and Katri Kallionpää HS

24.11.2019 2:00 | Updated 10:34

This case was originally published in November 2019. In February 2022, the Helsinki District Court dismissed the charges against Baltzar.

Mirka stood in front of the Finnish embassy in Tallinn’s Old Town and was expecting her 16-year-old daughter. They were supposed to go to lunch at a nearby vegan restaurant.

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