Suspected criminal offenses Grocery store guard suspected of beating a Romani woman – police say public video distorted the situation

The Länsi-Uusimaa police are investigating the case and have received a surveillance camera recording from the store, which shows the whole situation.

May towards the end, a video recording spread online where a guard dumped the ground and kept a Romani woman in an Espoo grocery store in her fields.

The police of Länsi-Uusimaa have received a tape recording of the whole situation.

“It has gone to the thieves and when caught, the situation has raged into wrestling,” says the Chief Investigator, Chief Constable Jari Saarelainen.

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Police suspect the guard of assault and the woman of beating. The parties have not yet been consulted.

Online the circled video only shows part of the situation, and the image it conveys may have distorted the situation, according to Saarelainen.

“The situation got a little out of hand. There is a reason for everything, and both are still suspected of their own crimes. ”

The situation began when a guard suspected a woman of shoplifting.

The guard in question was on the payroll of the security company. According to the police, the Leppävaara K-store merchant was not involved in the situation.

“There was no guidance in the deal, for example, for certain minority groups. We do not investigate the crime of discrimination, ”says Saarelainen.

According to Saarelainen, the police will take both criminal suspicions forward for the prosecutor’s consideration.



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