Suspected criminal offenses According to the prosecutor, the woman who kept the kennel got wolves from Russia and crossed them with dogs, also treated the animals cruelly

An entrepreneur in the animal industry operating in Kanta-Häme is charged with several nature conservation crimes, smuggling, animal welfare crimes and a serious animal welfare crime. Defendant denies the charges.

Prosecutor demands more than a year in prison for a woman living in Kanta-Häme who is suspected of raising dog wolves for years.

A self-employed woman is charged with several nature conservation crimes, smuggling, animal welfare crimes, and a felony animal welfare crime. A total of four people have been charged in the crime.

The main accused of the crimes is suspected of having acquired wolves and dog wolves from Russia, which he was supposed to breed with the dogs on his farm.

The woman’s intention has been to cross imported animals with wolves and dog wolves so that the genes of the wolves are amplified in the genetics of the animals, the prosecutor’s subpoena states.

The accused of the crimes denies all charges.

The accused according to the written reply, he has been staged guilty of crimes. According to the reply, the animal in the possession of the accused has not been a dog wolf cross. He had commissioned puppies from the animal only for his own breeding, not for sale.

The accused has kept a private kennel on his farm for years. He has kept 40 to 60 dogs farmed, as described by the prosecutor. In addition to dogs, there have been several other animals on the farm. According to the prosecutor, a large proportion of the dogs have been dog wolves, ie the offspring of dogs and wolves.

HS said in January that police had to kill 30 canine animals from a woman’s farm because they were suspected of being dog wolves.

Crime the charge of a felony animal welfare offense relates to the circumstances of the farm and the treatment of the animals.

Conditions on the farm have not met the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.

According to the prosecutor, not all animals have had enough food and drink. Animal shelters and other enclosures have been dirty and sick animals have not received adequate care.

According to the accusations, the entrepreneur has kept some of the dogs in too small premises and used violence to train the animals.

The prosecutor believes the woman has treated the animals cruelly and caused them unnecessary suffering. Several animal welfare inspections have been carried out on the farm, alleging, among other things, dirt, lack of food and water, and animals in poor condition.

The accused denies treating the animals violently. The animals, he said, have not been treated inadequately.

Prosecutions According to him, the woman, together with another accused, has brought several wolves or their close descendants from Russia to Finland. Some of the imported animals have later been found to be genetically pure wolves in studies.

The woman is also accused of hiding two wolves from her acquaintance. Police found two animals in poor condition in January from a dark outdoor sauna with no food or water available.

The accused has denied the act. He says he received two dogs who had needed a care spot. In his reply, he admits that he sent them to the woman named in the indictment, but denies that he knew the animals were wolves or their close descendants.

The prosecutor demands a substantial fine for the woman who kept the animals in the sauna for, among other things, an animal welfare offense and a nature conservation offense. He has also denied committing crimes.


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