Survey Most people want their co-workers to be vaccinated – especially those over 55 value the vaccinations of their colleagues

The majority of respondents to the Finnish Entrepreneurs’ Survey would allow companies to decide for themselves whether to require an interest rate passport.

Clear the majority of those in employment hope that their co-workers have taken the coroner vaccination.

In a survey commissioned by Finnish Entrepreneurs, this opinion was expressed by 82 per cent of respondents. Vaccination of colleagues was especially important for those over 55 years of age.

Nearly two in three people in employment felt that employers should be able to require their employees to take interest rate vaccinations. A third of the opponents needed no thought. The proportion of opponents was clearly higher among those under 45 years of age.

“This is also reflected in the feedback coming to the business organization. Vaccinations and the corona passport divide the entrepreneurial community as well as everyone in working life, ”says the Director of Finnish Entrepreneurs Janne Makkula in the bulletin.

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Compulsory vaccinations for the care sector were supported by 69 per cent of respondents and less than a quarter opposed.

Majority respondents considered that the company should be able to decide for itself whether it requires a corona passport from its customers. This was supported by 58%. A third disagreed.

“The Koronapass could help ensure the healthiest possible services for both customers and employees. The employer should be able to require a coroner passport at the workplace, ”says Makkula.

According to Makkula, the corona passport should be renewed as a matter of urgency to include a full series of vaccinations, an illness or a medical reason based on a doctor’s opinion. A renewed passport would be needed for possible future situations if the epidemic situation suddenly worsens.

Poll carried out by Kantar TNS and responded to more than a thousand people in early January. The margin of error is 3.1 percentage points in its direction.

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