Survey Do you often have sex? Answer the HS questionnaire on libido

HS is talking about high sexual desire. If you feel you have high libido, answer the HS survey and tell us how sexuality is seen and affected in your life.

Libidosta speaking refers to sexual desire and sexual pursuit. Admittedly, “libido” is an old-fashioned concept that comes Freudin from the era, says gynecologist, obstetrician, clinical sexologist Leena Väisälä.

“I’d rather talk about sexual desire myself.”

According to Väisälä, the amount of desire follows the Gaussian curve. About one percent of people report being asexual who are not interested in sexuality issues. At the other end is a small percentage of people who want to have sex many times a day.

“Most of it is something in between.”

However, sexuality is not a trait that remains unchanged throughout life. The amount of desire varies, for example, from one life situation to another.

“Desire and sexuality are influenced by biology, psychology, the socio-cultural side as well as experiences of human relationships.”

HS makes a story of high willingness and people who feel their libido is high. We are now gathering readers ’experiences on this. If you feel that you have a high level of sexual desire, answer the survey and tell us how sexuality has affected your life.

What good and bad has come of it? How have your partners reacted to your sexuality?

Comments from respondents who have left their contact information may be used in the story as anonymous. The reporter may also contact those respondents who have given permission for the interview.



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