Survey Did friends disappear during the Korona? Answer the survey

What traces has pandemic time left on your friendships? Tell us about your experience in the HS survey.

Coronavirus pandemic the end looms. It knows happy times for many: restaurant nights, cultural tours, and happy reunions with friends.

However, the situation is not so easy for everyone. The long period of exception has left its mark on interpersonal relationships, and some people have found themselves distant from their friends.

The phone may not ring like the former model, or maybe there will be no more invitations to party evenings. Making your own initiatives in a friendship can suddenly feel difficult after a long period of separation.

How has the period of exception affected your friendships? Have people disappeared from your life, and if so, how does it feel?

HS is talking about it. Answer the survey and tell us about your experiences.

Comments from respondents who have left their contact information may be used in the story as unidentified. In addition, the supplier may contact those respondents who have given permission.


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