Survey Are you voluntarily childless? Answer the survey

Isn’t family life with children your thing? Explain the reasons behind voluntary infertility.

Optionally childless, ie debt, means a person who has voluntarily chosen not to have children. The choice has become more common in Finland year by year: in the 2018 family barometer, 12.3 per cent of the respondents declared zero to be ideal for the number of children, compared to half a year earlier.

Now we are looking for readers ’experiences of voluntary infertility. What are the reasons behind your decision, and how have your relatives or social partners reacted?

In addition to the answers to the questionnaire, we also look for interviewees who talk about the topic in their own name and on the basis of their own experiences.

There is no other criterion for interviewees and respondents than voluntary infertility: we seek experiences from people of different ages and backgrounds. You can also answer the survey if you have previously been a Vela, but have since had children.



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