Surgery Oskari Mörö has a strict view of the cuts in the sports field: “A ticking time bomb is waiting there”

Threat runners Oskari Mörö are frightened by the threats in the sports industry.

14.10. 20:00

Finland a member of an athletics national team Oskari Mörö, 28, has followed the recent debate over cuts in the sports sector with concern.

According to the government, exercise will receive about 11.9 million less subsidies from the state in 2022 than this year.

However, the guidelines for the surgeries have been alive from day to day and no final decision has been made on them.

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“All athletes and sports enthusiasts will probably be watching the news a bit skewed at the moment,” says Mörö.

“In Sweden, for example, exercise gained 40 million after the Korona period and in Finland 20 million is taken away. That doesn’t sound sensible. In principle, there should be a plus sign in front and not a minus sign. ”

400 meters the SE man in the hurdles is worried about much bigger things than just his own grants for next year.

“The fact is that quite a ticking time bomb there is waiting from a public health point of view if we go that line,” Mörö commented on possible cuts.

“Yes, it is quite a barren language, when the cessation of hobbies of children and young people is already on the rise. Starting to cut back on grants will also complicate the role of role models for professional athletes. ”

Oskari Mörö would like to continue to be a role model for his younger people.

According to Mörö, the threat images affect every generation and all kinds of movers. Children, adults and seniors will all feel the cuts on their skins in the near future.

“Digitalisation is growing. Musculoskeletal disorders will increase quite a bit if the follow-up of this further deteriorates. During the corona period, the hobbies of children and young people have had to be stopped and very few have been able to get back. ”

Mörön in the ears, the word “cut” is gaining momentum with a negative image.

“The hip was cut, which is a positive thing. However, this negative cutter is preferably not included. Not to start cutting a little bigger, ”he jokes about the nasty situation.

Although the runner does not want to raise his own interest in the issue of money, the lack of subsidies is a real problem even in the Finnish national team. Even without surgery, it is currently difficult for top athletes to become role models that inspire youth.

“Finland’s top athletes, who appear on the world map, should be offered financial support. Quite a few people live below the poverty line and have to do other work alongside professional sports. It is a stark fact that international excellence is often not achieved then, ”says Mörö.

Sport- and the field of exercise is by no means the only one scared by cuts. In the cultural sector, too, the situation is precarious in the wake of the corona. Mörö raises his hat to the cultural people, whose example could also be followed in sports circles.

“There have been great steps to the barricades and an apparently good result has been achieved. They have taken a strong stand and made things happen. I think that athletes and sports decision-makers should even take a model from there, ”Mörö announces.


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