Surgery A majority of governing parties believe that the government should reverse the cuts already agreed in culture, sports and science

The parliamentary groups of the SDP, the Greens and the Left Alliance believe that culture and sports, for example, must still be fully compensated for by the decline in Veikkaus’ income next year as well. Neither the center nor the RKP completely knock out the idea.

Part of the governing parties, the cuts agreed by the government to the funding of Veikkaus’ beneficiaries should be reversed. None of the parties directly opposes the idea.

Revenues from gambling operations are clearly declining due to, among other things, the reduction of slot machines. The government decided to fully compensate the reduction for the beneficiaries in 2020–2021. For 2022, the Board of Directors agreed on additional financing of EUR 330 million, which will cover more than 80 percent of Veikkaus’ revenue decline.

Despite significant compensation, funding for arts and culture will shrink next year by EUR 18.4 million, funding for physical activity and sports by EUR 11.9 million, funding for science and research by EUR 8.3 million and funding for youth work by EUR 4.3 million. This has been known since the spring.

In particular, the cuts in arts and culture re-emerged in the public debate on Tuesday when the Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvinen (center) published more detailed lists the targeting of surgeries.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) said Tuesdaythat the government quintet “will look at the funding of organizations in the fall budget processes and look for a solution”.

HS asked the chairmen of the parliamentary groups ‘parliamentary groups for their views on next year’s cuts and whether Veikkaus’ revenues should later be transferred to the state budget.

Should the EUR 18.4 million cut in funding for arts and culture be canceled?

Antti Lindtman, Sdp:

Antti Lindtman.

Yes. “We have a very strong will to find solutions this autumn to secure the funding of cultural operators who have recently been in a difficult position due to the corona and are doing valuable work for next year.”

Juha Pylväs, city center:

I can not say. “In the government, the five have agreed that there will be some way to find solutions to how the relief could be alleviated. I cannot comment on whether there are millions of missing or not. The number of surgeries has been known throughout, and we have been approved by the group, although they are unfortunate.

Emma Kari, Greens:

Emma Kari.

Yes. “It is important for the Greens to find solutions that fully secure the funding of culture and science. We found 30 million euros for the police in the government, and the funding for culture must also go through together. ”

Jussi Saramo, Left Alliance:

Yes. “As such, no separate cut has been decided here, but that the decline in Veikkaus’ income will not be fully compensated for next year. We think it needs to be fully compensated. ”

Anders Adlercreutz, Rkp:

Anders Adlercreutz.

I can not say. “Good if you can target [rahoitusta] again so that, for example, the cultural sector does not suffer because it has suffered unreasonably during the Korona period. But then it means we have to find similar savings somewhere else. I don’t have a direct answer yet as to where the money would come from. ”

Should the EUR 11.9 million cut for physical activity and sports, the EUR 8.3 million cut for science and research and the EUR 4.3 million cut for youth work be canceled?

Antti Lindtman, Sdp:

Yes. “This is the same whole. We also want to find solutions to secure funding for these important organizations and actors next year. The supplementary budget proposal in the autumn is the right place to look at these needs. “

Juha Pylväs, city center:

Juha Pylväs.

I can not say. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to seek relief from the situation. But it has been known that the revenue reductions caused by the reduction of Veikkaus’ gambling disadvantages will be transferred directly to the field. As a group, we have been accepting these, as have other governing parties. ”

Emma Kari, Greens:

Yes. “Funding for science, sport and youth work must be secured to ensure continuity.”

Jussi Saramo, Left Alliance:

Jussi Saramo.

Yes. “We are also happy to discuss compensation in these other industries. But we consider the cultural situation to be the most critical. There, the funding cuts will directly lead to job losses. “

Anders Adlercreutz, Rkp:

I can not say. “It’s good if these can still be discussed and the allocations maybe decided differently. But the hard tick is this. It is probably better that the matter is dealt with as a whole and not as individual auctions. ”

Minister Kurvinen has proposed that from 2024 onwards, Veikkaus’ income should be transferred to the budget, ie the direct link between income and beneficiary funding should be severed. Do you support this?

Antti Lindtman, Sdp:

Yes. “We are in favor of reforming the system in the direction of comprehensive budget funding. Further work will be done in a working group appointed by the Board. We will take a final position on the exact implementation as the impact assessments of the different options become more precise. ”

Juha Pylväs, city center:

Yes. “I see budget funding much better than the current model. Now that efforts are being made to reduce the disadvantages of gambling and the return on gambling is declining, so is the money from organizations, sports and culture. When it becomes budget-funded, it becomes more transparent and predictable. Then we are not in a situation where funding depends on people playing. ”

Emma Kari, Greens:

Yes. “The Greens support the transfer of Veikkaus’ revenues to the state budget. In particular, the funding of the statutory tasks of organizations should be secured directly from the state budget. The Greens are open to the transfer of matters requiring funding to the budget faster than planned. “

Jussi Saramo, Left Alliance:

Yes. “We in the parliamentary group have been in favor of breaking the link for a long time. But our starting point is that disconnecting cannot mean cuts for Veikkaus’ beneficiaries. ”

Anders Adlercreutz, Rkp:

I can not say. “The parliamentary working group has only just begun its work. But I am basically positive about the idea. You need to come up with a model that has stable and predictable funding. Of course, without funding becoming a political pawn. “


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