Summer | The weather is getting warm, but the heat is not expected until a few days later

Water levels are lower than usual in a large part of the country.

Weather warm today, as the sunny and dusty weather continues in almost all of Finland. However, the heat waves are not being measured yet, but they are coming in the middle of next week, the Finnish Meteorological Institute estimates.

According to the weather forecast, the high pressure will strengthen and warm air will move to Finland from the southwest. Today, as well as in the coming days, temperature readings of more than 20 degrees will be widely reached.

It may be cloudier in Lapland, and there may also be thundershowers.

The first hot day seems to be Wednesday next week. Then the gauges may reach 26–27 degrees in the south, as well as in the western parts of the country, except right on the coast. Helleraja will then be threatened in the east as well.

The weather as it warms up in a large part of the country, the Finnish Meteorological Institute warns of dry terrain. A forest fire warning is in effect today in the southern and western parts of the country. The warning area also expands daily after this.

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Especially in southern and southwestern Finland, water levels are also lower than usual, let’s tell on the website. Water levels in Lapland have also dropped below average.

On the other hand, the water levels in the lakes of Eastern Finland are still above the average level for the time in some places, but even there they are approaching the averages of the beginning of June.

Today and next week the rains are expected to remain low throughout the country, so the water levels will continue to fall. After a week, the surfaces are predicted to be lower than usual in almost the entire country, with the exception of eastern and central Finland.

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