Sudet The Hunters’ Association announces that it is “dismayed”, describing the wolf situation as impossible

According to the Finnish Hunters’ Association, the management of the Finnish wolf population is at an impasse. As a solution, the association is proposing changes to current practices, such as extending the duration of exemptions.

Hunters’ Association says he is appalled and extremely disappointed that administrative bans appear to prevent wolf stock hunting this winter.

“The situation is impossible. The Hunters’ Association proposed hunting time for January-March, but permits were granted for only 15 days. When the administrative authorities have now refused to enforce all the exemptions granted, and only then have they examined the legal basis for the permits, hunting will in practice be prevented, ”the chairman of the Hunters’ Association Tuomas Hallenberg says in a press release released Friday.

“The administration and the licensing authority in particular do not seem to have sufficient means to allow wolf hunting. The wolf population, which is at its highest in 100 years, will continue to grow. It is becoming impossible to hunt dogs in more and more provinces while the total protection of the wolf continues. ”

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Alliance According to Finland, 33 applications for exemptions have been submitted for hunting 168 wolves. Of these, the Finnish Game Center granted 4 exemptions for hunting 18 wolves.

“In any case, the permits granted would not have had any significant effect on the favorable conservation status of the Finnish wolf population,” the Hunters’ Association estimates in a press release.

The Hunters’ Association believes that only with several changes is it possible to manage the wolf population. As a solution to the situation, the association highlights, among other things, the improvement of the operating possibilities of the licensing authorities.

The association is proposing to extend the exemptions for wolf stock hunting from the current 15 days to four months. It also hopes that complaints about exemptions will be dealt with by the administrative courts within the time limit so that there is still time to hunt after the decision.

“The situation is now critical. Decisions on wolf hunting next winter must be made soon so that there is enough time to implement them, ”says the Executive Director of the Finnish Hunters’ Association. Jaakko Silpola in the bulletin.

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