Study reveals the cause of hair loss

Electronic Union – Abu Dhabi

Some view hair loss as incurable, and believe that the reason behind it is related to aging or genetics, but a new study offers a new explanation for the phenomenon that worries many.

The study said, the key in fighting hair loss is to combat environmental stresses that surround humans, such as exposure to ultraviolet rays and pollution, according to Sky News.

She added that these factors undermine the health of the scalp, making it difficult for our hair to remain stable on this scalp.

The study found that antioxidants can help reduce oxidative stress in the scalp, helping hair stay firm at its roots. Essentially, this stress reflects an imbalance between the oxygen produced and retained in our cells.

In the past, it was believed that there was a link between oxidative stress and hair loss, but the authors of the new study definitively confirm the role of this stress in hair loss, by weakening the link between our hair and our scalp.


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