Student transcripts Suburban high school in Espoo became one of the most successful high schools in the Helsinki metropolitan area – Search engine shows high school results

The suburban high school in Espoo became one of the most successful schools based on the grades of the student transcripts. HS’s search engine shows high school results.

Familiar high schools rose to the top of the list in the metropolitan area as high schools were ranked according to how they have performed in student writing this spring.

He did best at Ressu High School, followed by the Helsinki Normal Lyceum. The King’s High School in Espoo was third.

High schools that are written for high school with higher grades are usually high schools that also have high average admission limits.

For example, in 2019, when a large number of students this spring have started their studies, the average limit for Ressu High School and the Helsinki Normal Lyceum was 9.33. The average limit means the lowest average that a high school student has been able to study.

The average limit for Kuninkaantie High School in 2019 was 9.08.

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One of the spring students wrote 10 boarders. The result was written at Otaniemi High School in Espoo.

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