Student examinations It is possible for quarantined asymptomatic people to participate in student writings through special arrangements, says THL

Quarantined candidates need a separate test room and supervisors. High schools have no obligation to make special arrangements.

Quarantined Whereas the participation of existing student pupils in the spring student enrollments is possible by special arrangements; says Department of Health and Welfare (THL).

The THL and the Matriculation Examination Board have drawn up guidelines on how the participation of such candidates in the examinations can be arranged.

The test may be performed by asymptomatic quarantine candidates who have tested negative before that test. The prerequisite is that the high school is able to arrange a separate test room for the candidates and supervisors for the exam.

You cannot participate in the test if the candidate has been diagnosed with a corona infection. In this case, they must apply for the cancellation of their registration.

Special arrangements implementation is not mandatory for high schools. The infection situation of a municipality or region may affect whether it is even possible to implement the arrangements. The Student Examination Board will instruct quarantined candidates to apply primarily for the cancellation of their registration and to take the tests next time.

“In order to avoid infections, it is recommended that all those who enroll in the student exam avoid social contact, ie self-quarantine, two weeks before the start of the exams,” says THL’s chief physician. Otto Helve in the bulletin.


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