Street work | Tree felling began in Helsinki’s giant renovation: The pictures show the change

As part of Helsinki’s largest street renovation, trees were first felled on the west side of the street, later we will proceed to the edge of Hesperianpuisto.

“Certainly some of the trees had to be cut down. When you haven’t studied the matter carefully, it’s hard to judge whether it was poured too much or not enough,” said the person on a day walk Jorma Julin At the Hesperian park.

On Tuesday morning, trees started to be felled on the way to the huge street renovation of Mannerheimintie, the first to be the construction site at the end of Runeberginkatu.

On Wednesday morning, the section of Mannerheimintie between Runeberginkatu and Musiikkitalo had already turned into a construction site: Buses, cars and pedestrians were passing between the construction site fences on two lanes.

The biggest branches of the street trees were first cut off and then the trunk was sawn into pieces.

The felled trees were immediately collected to be transported away.

Stumps of already felled trees.

As Julin passed by, a chain saw was singing on the west side of the street at the Scandic hotel. The turn of the largest valuable deciduous trees will come later in March, when the waste marked in red from the east side of the street and the edge of Hesperianpuisto will start to be dumped.

Jorma Julin was on a day walk near Hesperianpuisto.

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In total 90 trees will be felled on the section between Postikatu and Runeberginkatu. New ones are planted in their place, although not in exactly the same places.

Some of the trees have been found to be in poor condition. The city justifies the cutting down of most of the trees on the grounds that the trees would not be able to survive when Helsinki’s biggest street renovation is carried out and deep trenches are dug.

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The Helsinki Nature Conservation Society has opposed the felling of large and beautiful trees.

Trees marked in red to be felled on the edge of Hesperian park.

Julin says that he understands that street renovation cannot be done in small pieces in such a busy place. It makes the most sense to do it big at once. At the same time, he wants to emphasize that Hesperianpuisto is a precious place for the people of Helsinki.

“It is really important that the park remains green and that it is not reduced too much. It is significant for those who live right next door, but also for those coming from further afield,” he says.

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