Street work The giant renovation of Hämeentie continues: work is now being done at night

Helsinki’s largest street work is already nearing completion.

Hämeentie it is now also being renovated at night, as buses and trams run on the road during the day. The work will cause noise in nearby housing.

For example, this week, night work is done every weekday from evening to morning.

Responsible for project communication at Destia Heidi Kekäläinen says there have been some complaints about noise at night.

“Overall, the townspeople have responded well. Here live 9,000 people in the affected area, that’s a few feedback compared to that, ”he says.

Hämeentien The renovation has been Helsinki’s biggest street work ever, and it was largely completed last December. However, the surface work on the street needs warm weather, so the road is still paved with asphalt.

According to Kekäläinen, the sections that require night work will be completed this week. Residents of the area have been notified of paving work by mail and through social media channels.

“Fortunately, the paving work isn’t on the same property all the time, but it moves as the work progresses,” he says.

Long ongoing street work is now nearing completion, as the entire project is expected to be completed by mid-July. Kekäläinen believes that this has influenced the understanding attitude of the residents.

“Yes, we understand that noise is disturbing at night, and we regret that,” he says.



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