Street gangs | The police suspect: The drug trade was run from Sweden and Turkey

A criminal network organized from Sweden brought hundreds of kilograms of drugs to Finland.

in Finland For months, an internationally managed drug organization has been operating, which has spread remarkably strong narcotics into the country. The organization is closely connected to the Swedish criminal network.

The Central Criminal Police and the Helsinki Police reported on their extensive investigation on Wednesday morning. The police describe the drug importation organization as a “major international project” that was managed from abroad.

Based on the investigation, it seems that the management of the organization operates from Sweden and Turkey.

Helsingin sanomat newspaper reported on Monday, that the Swedish criminal network Dödspatrullen has operated in Finland as part of the drug organization in question. The police did not name the group or groups associated with the organization in their announcement, but Swedish men associated with the group have been arrested as part of the investigation.

In addition to Swedes, people from several countries have traveled to Finland. The persons have stayed in Finland for a few months and participated in the importation and processing of drugs and the transportation of cash out of Finland.

Extensive the investigation that uncovered the drug organization started in the fall of 2022, when the police made observations about the trips to Finland of Swedish men known for their gang connections.

The men stayed here in the company of people connected to local street gangs, says the crime commissioner Marko Heinonen from the Central Criminal Police.

Marko Heinonen, director of investigations at the Central Criminal Police

This raised concerns about the Swedes’ motive for staying in Finland. Is there any violence planned and who or who are the possible targets?

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The situation began to clear up when the Helsinki police field patrol stopped a Finnish man connected to street gangs in traffic, and 1.5 kilograms of amphetamine and firearm parts were confiscated from his car. From this stop, Finns’ attachment to Sweden began to become clearer, and through that, the way to the international organization that has now been revealed opened up.

KRP is still continuing the investigation related to the group’s management. At the moment, it seems that the management operates from Sweden and Turkey. During the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the organization had set up a central warehouse in Hämesee, from which drugs were still being moved to apartments in the capital region.

The violence in Sweden in recent weeks has been about the mutual violence of the Foxtrot criminal network led from Turkey, which has expanded to the deaths and revenge attacks of criminal families related to the drug trade.

Heinonen according to the organization originating from Sweden has had a strong desire to reach the Finnish drug market, where there is a remarkably high demand. The group has also had a certain reputation, which has contributed to taking over space in the drug trade.

In Sweden, Dödspatrullen is known as a very violent criminal network. According to Heinonen, none of the suspects has committed violence in Finland during the preliminary investigation. However, one of the imprisoned Swedes had put on a bulletproof vest in Sweden after leaving Finland and set off armed. The police caught the man before anything could happen. The man is still imprisoned in Sweden due to the firearms crime trial.

Police describes the operation of the drug network as well organized. During the investigation, two hundred kilograms of drugs were seized, and in addition, a significant amount of drugs has ended up being distributed. All the drugs were brought to Finland from Sweden, most of them in truckloads through northern Sweden.

Most of the suspects have not lived permanently in Finland, says the head of the investigation Mikko Nikkanen from the Helsinki police.

“They have come from other parts of the world here in Finland to carry out this task here.”

The investigation has revealed only individual suspects who have Finnish citizenship, most of the suspects are foreign citizens. The suspects in the whole have a common ethnic background and the majority are second-generation immigrants, the police describe in their release.

The suspects have used a dozen apartments in the capital region, which have been rented for a short period of time for the processing and distribution of drugs. Some of the apartments have also been used for overnight stays.

Although the investigation started with the activities of persons connected to Finnish street gangs, the investigation focused on the activities of foreign suspects, Nikkanen describes.

“The street trade department has not been gutted very extensively. The focus has been on dismantling the structures of organized crime. When we do it, it will have a bigger impact on the level of street trade as well.”

However, the investigation has found out that the drugs brought by the network have ended up being resold to people with connections to Finnish street gangs. However, Nikkanen does not comment on how many domestic groups were revealed in the investigation.

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According to Nikkanen, drugs brought by the organization have been found all over Finland, such as in Oulu and Turku.

The photo provided by the police shows amphetamine seized during the preliminary investigation.

In the preliminary investigation The seized amounts of drugs are quite large by Finnish standards. According to the police investigation, the organization imported, among other things, 17 kilograms of cocaine and almost one hundred kilograms of amphetamine. Of these, the police confiscated a total of about 30 kilos.

For example, in the Katiska complex, known as Finland’s biggest drug case, according to the police, 17 kilograms of cocaine and about 200 kilograms of amphetamine were brought into the country.

According to the police officers interviewed by HS, the operation of the organization looks like a purely calculated drug trade. Helsinki police crime inspector Kimmo Sainion according to Finland, there is currently such a high demand for drugs that everything that comes into the country is sold.

Although it has come to light the extensive activities of Swedish and, more broadly, international organized crime in Finland, according to Sainio, it is currently not apparent that violence related to the drug trade has become a reality in Finland.

At the same time, however, it can be seen that Finnish criminal groups have close connections with Sweden and international organized crime.

According to Sainio, the best way to prevent the situation from escalating is to invest in a preliminary investigation, but there is no one correct answer to the situation.

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