Storm | The “very dangerous” wind attracted Jussi Ristikaarro to the water – This is what surfing in storm waves looks like

Surfers from Helsinki often go to Pori, because the conditions there are more favorable for the sport.

Helsinki Jussi Cross Map answers the phone in the morning from the car on the way to Pori. He has left to drive from his home on Roihuvuori towards the strongest winds of storm Aila right from the morning. On the shores of the back sea, the waves should be conducive to surfing.

“The weather situation is very dangerous,” the Finnish Meteorological Institute warns Satakunta. That means it’s worth going there.

On the other hand, in the Baltic Sea off Helsinki, conditions change rapidly and you may have to look for a suitable surfing place for too long.

“When we are in Finland, it is not self-evident that you can get into the water right away in the first place,” Ristikaarto explains.

The most perfect is a place that is sheltered from the direct sea breeze, but where the mention and the wave carry intact and at a comfortable height.

“Sure, you can go to a place where it winds straight, but then you can get the board on its head,” Ristikaarto adds.

That has happened to him too. The wind has grabbed the board and hit the surfer on the head with it.

Before surfing, the board must be waxed.­

Aila The named storm landed on the west coast of Finland on Wednesday. At that time, the trip would have been too late in the evening and therefore the Crusade did not jump at the wheel of the car until the morning.

“At the moment, we are still so close to summer that the sea is warm. The sea may be even warmer today than the air. ”

If the wind gets too strong and confuses the waves, Ristikaarto turns the car’s steering wheel in the direction of Helsinki.

“If the wind is stormy and the waves are high and confusing for two men, surfing becomes so awkward that it’s not worth it.”

Jussi Ristikaarto found a suitable surfing spot in front of Meri-Pori.­

According to the Crusade, a suitable wave is at least the height of the surfer’s shoulder and stays in the pile for a long time before breaking and foaming.

However, he points out that large “higher than male” waves are not very common in Finland. This summer, however, they were seen at the Finnish Surfing Championships in Pori, which, according to Ristikaarro, is the main place for surfers in the country.

“If there is talk in the media that there are seven-meter waves at sea, they won’t get to the shore so high,” Ristikaarto points out.

“The Gulf of Bothnia is able to surf with a wider wind palette than the Gulf of Finland, where the most specific wind conditions are needed.”

According to Ristikaarro, for example, there are no very good places in front of Helsinki. If the wind is favorable from the surfer’s tip, you can find suitable waves from the direction of Hanko and Porvoo.

“Challenging and messy,” described Jussi Ristikaarto surfing weather in Pori.­

Working as a freelancer in communication and art enables Ristikaarro to look for waves even in everyday life.

He has been surfing since the early 2000s. For the first ten years, he searched for waves on the shores of the great seas in Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe on the shores of the Atlantic. Finland only joined ten years ago.

Now he surfs in Finland all year round, even in winter.

According to the Crusade, there is a difference between surfing on the waves of the Baltic Sea and the oceans.

“Optimal surfing waves are formed in the ocean when the storm center is far out to sea, hundreds or thousands of miles away. The storm wind does not affect the beach, but the waves will come there in time. ”

According to the Crusade, the wind in the Baltic Sea is more local and confuses and mixes more waves. You can’t have a long wish list when surfing in Finland.

“The Finnish surfer hopes that there will be surfable waves on the beach,” Ristikaarto laughs.

The rocky bottom also brings its own challenges and risks. It is not advisable to go surfing without first finding out about beach conditions, such as possible rockiness or currents.

From the crossbow he is often asked if he is crazy.

“It’s hard to explain, but surfing creates a strong connection to the sea and nature. It has something really special and unique when it comes to the forces of nature to export. It needs those forces of nature, and when it succeeds, it has something magical. ”

The surfing conditions of the Aila storm prove to be challenging.

“The weather was pretty messy, the wind was a little north of the spot and really strong. The water was really shallow, so there were even more rocks near the surface than normal, ”he communicated to HS this afternoon.

“But it was fun because I got to surf. That is usually enough in Finland. ”

The Finnish surfer accumulates driving kilometers, as he has to look for wave conditions suitable for the sport.­


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