Storm | Insurance companies urge to move or fasten all goods from yards when Finland’s worst storm hits the year: “Trampolines can break windows”

According to insurance companies, it is important to describe the damage as soon as possible after it occurs.

15.9. 19:20 | Updated 7:08

To Finland will be hit by the most severe storm of the year in the coming days. According to the Meteorologist interviewed by HS, the storm is even expected to be so severe that on Thursday it is worth staying indoors in the metropolitan area if possible.

“It may be good to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities,” says the meteorologist on duty Iiris Viljamaa.

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Also Insurance companies warn Finns to be prepared for damage that could be caused by the poison. If and Lähitapiola, in their press releases sent on Tuesday, urge that special care be taken to ensure that grills, outdoor furniture and other furniture from the yards are collected from the yards to protect the warehouse. Those living near the waterways or cottages should also make sure that the boats are properly moored.

“From the yards, it is now a good idea to put all the loose items in storage or secure them so that the wind cannot fly them. Nowadays, damage is also caused by trampolines, which can fly in the wind, for example, to a neighbor’s yard or break windows. It is also worth putting yard furniture in the winter container now, ”says the compensation director in the press release Marko Tolonen Lähitapiola from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

“In case of heavy rain, it is good to make sure that the gutters pull and the rainwater coming from the roof is diverted away from the sides of the house. In addition, remove debris and obstacles from the rainwater wells, ”says the director of the insurance company If Juha T. Virtanen.

Companies call, among other things, for the condition of the trees in the courtyards of residential buildings and cottages to be ensured before the storm strikes. It is also a good idea to move cars and other vehicles far enough away from potentially falling trees.

“As an anticipation before the next autumn storms and winter, it is worth assessing the condition of the trees in your home or cottage yard and, if necessary, asking an expert to fell the trees in poor condition. Particular attention should be paid to trees that, if they fall, can reach over buildings, power lines or parking areas, ”Virtanen says in a press release.

“Most property damage in storms is usually caused by tree falls. The wind and rainwater themselves also cause some damage. If a storm strikes an area where trees can fall over power lines, even long power outages can result. In this case, the frozen food may melt and, in addition, voltage fluctuations may damage electronics or other equipment, ”says the replacement manager. Jussi Korpelainen In the press release of Lähitapiola.

If the storm can cause damage, they should be described as advised by the companies. They can be helpful when reporting damages to the insurance company.

“If the damage requires immediate repair of the property, i.e. the water roof is broken, for example, it is a good idea to contact the insurance company soon. There is no need to rush for minor damages, ”says Ifin Virtanen.


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