Stock Exchange | Shares fall on the Helsinki Stock Exchange: Recent price rocket among the biggest losers, Finnair on the rise

The general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange had fallen by about one per cent from Monday’s closing levels on Tuesday at 13.45.

Helsinki the stock exchange on tuesday has gone downhill. The stock market’s general index fell by about one percent on Tuesday.

The trading day is well illustrated by the fact that only 25 of the company’s share prices have risen during Tuesday. About 140 companies are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Among the biggest losers is the largest recent rocket on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Qt Group. About 2.7 percent of the company’s share value has disappeared by 3:20 pm on Tuesday. Qt Group’s share cost about 86.6 euros on Tuesday at 15.20. Back on Monday, the share price peaked at over 95 euros.

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Olvi’s share price, which published its results on Tuesday, has also fallen sharply on Tuesday. Almost five percent of the share price has disappeared.

The biggest gainer of the day so far has been the airline Finnair, which has suffered from difficulties in the midst of the interest rate crisis. The share price has risen about 4.5 percent from Monday night’s reading. The share price cost about 0.675 euros on Tuesday at 15.15.

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