Sports The world’s first professional women’s wheelchair basketball league coming next year: “We are no longer seen as limited athletes, but as athletes”

The Women’s Basketball League is also Britain’s first professional para-sports league.

Women the wheelchair basketball league will start operating in the UK at the beginning of next year.

GuardianAccording to the magazine, it is the world’s first women’s wheelchair basketball league and the UK’s first professional para-sports league.

The league runs from January to May in collaboration with four universities. The universities of Cardiff Metropolitan, Loughborough, East London and Worcester are involved.

60 percent of the league are British and 40 percent are international players. The league is believed to increase the popularity of the sport and attract the best female players in the world to the country.

Director of the Wheelchair Basketball Association Lisa Pearce believes the league will raise the profile of the sport in the media and thereby bring more audiences.

“They all play in the arenas, so fans have the opportunity to watch and support their teams. They have community programs that target schools and other communities, ”Pearce says.

League there is also a desire to influence gender equality. Currently, 70 percent of the players are men and 30 percent are women.

Outside of international competitions, women’s wheelchair basketball players often play on mixed teams. In this case, they are less likely to get leadership roles in teams.

According to Pearce, the development of women towards international standards requires an environment entirely composed of women.

“There’s no such thing anywhere else in the world, so why didn’t we create it here?”

Britannian a wheelchair basketball player on the women’s national team Siobhán Fitzpatrick is excited about the formation of the league.

“We are no longer seen as limited athletes, but as athletes. We are broadcast and talked about as athletes, not just as people who are seen every four years. It is possible to see us every week and thus gather the audience. ”

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