Sports money Sport avoids cuts in millions in state budget: “Facilitating information for all sports and sport”

Veikkaus’ revenues are expected to fall by more than 300 million next year.

Sport will be spared cuts when the Finnish government decided in the budget debate on next year’s funding for sport.

There was a threat that the EUR 150 million income pot for sport would fall to as much as EUR 110 million, but this did not happen.

“It’s a facilitating piece of information for all exercise and sports. The Ministry of Finance’s original proposal assumed that nearly a third would have been cut from sports money. It would have struck the whole of this vast field of sports, ”said the CEO of the Olympic Committee Mikko Salonen said to HS.

If the cutter would have struck to the feared extent, it had affected sports federations, club subsidies, municipal state contributions and the construction of sports facilities.

“The original performance would have had a dramatic effect, which means we are relieved,” Salonen said.

The decision to allocate money now concerns not only sport but also science, art, sports and youth work.

“Exercise has been the most dependent on gambling revenues. The government praised the very important work that NGOs are doing. ”

In budget calculations The winnings collected by Veikkaus will decrease for 2021, and as a result, the funding of sports was also at risk. The grants distributed by Veikkaus have been 1.1 billion, but it will be reduced by as much as 300 million next year.

It is recorded in the Board’s program that Veikkaus’ declining income will be compensated to the beneficiaries.

“Who else would do these tasks if civil society were driven down? The board acted smoothly. The operating conditions are secure. ”

Sport will maintain its funding for at least next year, but the entire sports field has been hit by the limitations caused by the coronavirus.

Sports grounds had to be closed in the spring. The ice rinks got stuck, and the athletes have compromised on their salaries and bonuses. Even after the opening of sports auditoriums, the number of spectators has been limited and thus people have had to cope with lower admission revenue.

“A new survey will be launched in the fall to assess the impact between June and September.”

In a study to date, sport experienced losses of around € 100 million in the spring season.

Salonen emphasized that it is not worth talking about exact figures yet. “The impact is significant.”

According to reports from the Olympic Committee, outdoor sports such as golf and orienteering have been popular during the coronavirus.

“Everyone has suffered, but we’re also finding out which species have survived the least bumps.”


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Bhavi Mandalia

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