Sports Gala Emma Körkkö and Niko Korhonen are the best of their kind in the world, but neither is ever chosen as the Athlete of the Year

When the coach of the cross-country team Mikko Virta asks to describe Niko Korhosta as an athlete, Virtanen does not have to think about his analysis for long.

“Multitalent,” he outlines.

“Yes, a man has qualities. He is a really resilient and versatile athlete. ”

The Korbonen Association crowned Sotkamo through Korhonen, who represents Jymy, as the first time to become both the baseball player of the year and the most valuable player in the playoffs. Jyväskylä’s Kirittärien was chosen as the female baseball player of the year Emma Körkkö.

28-year-old Körkkö and Korhonen are the best in the world of their kind, but neither of them will ever win the Athlete of the Year award.

Now The athlete of the year selection is genuinely open, as the year punished by the coronavirus does not offer a clear favorite.

Comparing different sports and valuing athletes according to the voter’s subjective view is certainly more entertainment than absolute truth, even in ordinary years, and the award given by the Federation of Sports Journalists, despite its prestige, is one recognition among others.

However, the award does not describe the diversity of Finnish sports. The list of those who received the title of Athlete of the Year mainly says that the men skied, ran, threw and jumped.

Women and team athletes have been a minority, which is also reflected in the latest list of candidates. There are three women and 12 men involved. Of course, one non-listed candidate has also been allowed to vote.

“We train professionally, even though we can’t do this properly as a profession.”

Jyväskylä Kirittärien Emma Körkkö was last year’s best female baseball player. Photo from 2018.­

Although the award is focused on international success and medals, the national game did not get a candidate for the list, even in an exceptional year.

Sports reporters voted Körkö as the best baseball player, which considers a rare choice for a woman to be an interesting thing.

“It was a really great thing, I hadn’t been able to think about this. It feels good and it’s great to be appreciated, ”says Körkkö.

Körkkö understands the absence of four Finnish Championship gold winners from the list precisely because of the lack of internationality of the sport.

“On the other hand, you also can’t think we wouldn’t train as much. We train professionally, even though we can’t do this properly as a profession. ”

Professionalism emphasizes Korhone as well. Training amounts are on a par with professional athletes, even though baseball is a semi-professional sport.

“The choice of Athlete of the Year is certainly based on which sport is international and how successful it is internationally. When we are on the domestic crust, this may not be seen in the same way, ”he speculates.

Six SM gold Korhonen emphasized the autumn after the final personal achievements are secondary alongside team success. He says the same thing now, even though the confessions are warming up.

“The title of baseball player of the year has been a distant dream and goal at a younger age. It materialized last season, but it would not be possible without the success of the team. ”

In 2015, Korhonen’s throwing hand also received praise from the legendary New York Yankees talent scout Troy Williams

Circle and Korhonen have grown to the top through a variety of hobbies. Kiritari club leader and second game leader Petri Kaijansinkko compare Körkkö with a multi-sport expert To Riikka Sallinen.

“At most, she remembers my career as a versatile player who can beat, advance and be in the outdoor game as good as Emma is at the moment.”

CEO of SuperJymy Oy, supervised Korho as game manager at the beginning of this super nest career Mikko Kuosmanen sees the Jymy breeder in all his qualities as a top player.

“He’s physically gifted, the long lever arms help, and the sport efficiency is on a tough model. He has thrown a radar to remember 158 [kilometriä tunnissa] that is, the readings of the baseball pitcher and hit 175-176. In addition, he has run more than 30 meters below 3.70 several times, which means that the sport characteristics are in full swing in terms of efficiency, ”Kuosmanen lists.

Korhonen’s throwing hand came in 2015 braggart also from the talent scout of the legendary New York Yankees From Troy Williams.

Tests Virtanen, the ski coach who pulled Jymy to the players, believes that Korhonen would have risen to at least the national top in some other sport as well.

As an example, he cites volleyball because of its high-end bounce. However, the greatest impression on Virtanen has been made by Korhonen’s throwing hand.

“Hard throwers There are more, but yes, ‘Gorbachev’ is the toughest thing I’ve seen for yourself.”

Korhonen feels that his versatility is the basis of the fact that Sotkamo did not have winter baseball practice in his youth.

“Winters became a hobby in a variety of ways – it became athletics and hockey, and I got help from running, especially athletics.”

“Yes, I will probably turn to Sebastian Aho.”

In Turku grown Körkkö played “ball games all over the world” at a young age. The statistics even show the main football women’s league match at the Turku Ball Club.

“I remember playing for about 70 minutes,” Körkkö says, saying that game literacy and game comprehension are his greatest strengths as an athlete.

“I think they come from a diverse sporting background. I can play many roles in indoor games as well, and I’m not just a repeater. If I need a runner, I can move on. ”

Körkkö can’t say who would choose Athlete of the Year. Korhonen finds his favorite pair of team sports.

“Yes, I am sure Sebastian Ahon I turn to. He played top season, has raised his level and broke into the top player at the international level. He is a regular performer every year. ”

Sports gala on TV2 and Yle Areena 14.1. at 20.

The Athlete of the Year will be selected on Thursday

The Athlete of the Year will be selected at the Sports Gala on Thursday night.

Sports reporters voted the best athlete on the list with 15 titles. In addition, it was possible to vote for one athlete from outside the list.

The list included three female athletes: Ida Hulkko (swimming), Annimari Korte (athletics) and Kaisa Mäkäräinen (biathlon).

There were five male athletes in the team sports: Sebastian Aho (hockey), Miro Heiskanen (hockey), Lukas Hradecky (football), Glen Kamara (football) and Tuomas Määttä (ice hockey).

There were seven male athletes in the individual sports: Valtteri Bottas (motorsport), Aaron Kangas (athletics), Iivo Niskanen (cross-country skiing), Kristian Pulli (athletics), Emil Ruusuvuori (tennis), Leo-Pekka Tähti (athletics) and Sami Välimäki (golf).

The best athletes in the sport were announced on Wednesday. An athlete is automatically the best in his or her sport if he or she ranks in the top ten in the Athlete of the Year selection.

From the list above, Bottas, Heiskanen, Hradecky, Hulkko, Korte, Mäkäräinen, Määttä, Niskanen, Ruusuvuori and Välimäki were chosen as the best of their species. In practice, one of them will be chosen as the Athlete of the Year.

Other awards will also be presented at the Sports Gala, such as Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, role model, breakthrough, background strength, Finland’s most active workplace and Sports Club of the Year.


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