Sports Gala Amanda Rantanen’s pulsating debut for the national team was like a storybook: “It was pretty crazy and really cool”

Amanda Rantanen received worldwide attention after her memorable and lucky performance.

Face painting. God’s nose. Cara de Dios.

The single situation that arises in a matter of seconds sometimes rises to enormous proportions because the sport touches, moves, and is full of emotion.

Just such a moment was seen on the first day of December in Edinburgh, Scotland. The hearty underdog defended sacrificially and struck effectively.

And in what way!

Amanda Rantanen ran through the pass, shot towards the goalkeeper Lee Alexanderia and got the ball bouncing off his counter directly to his face.

The end, with its emotional reactions, touches on a wonderful sports history. The ball bounced to the finish line, and the pre-favorite bowed to the Helmars for the second time during the fall. The Scottish victories were also deservedly nominated for the most exciting sporting moment of the year.

22 years old Rantanen now says, about a month and a half after his memorable national team debut, that there aren’t many other matches.

“We were warming up almost all the time and couldn’t terribly watch the game. Scotland got a little more pressure, especially in the second half, but we were able to defend really well as a team until the end, ”he says.

Top football manager of the Football Association Marianne Miettinen emphasizes that the winning goal is the result of Finland’s collective play.

“It’s an icy box defense that sacrifices for the team and others and defends the entire gang on every cell,” Miettinen admires.

Amanda Rantanen scored the opening goal of her A national team career immediately in her debut. The hit was memorable.­

Rantanen got excited at the end of the match to see if they could make it to the field at all. He and Olga Ahtinen got into real action at the very end of overtime.

“Olga told me that now we’re just running. It may be that we don’t even touch the ball once, but now we run, and if we get the ball, he will try to put it upright, ”says Rantanen of the instructions he received.

It was worth it. Rantanen did the work as instructed and received From Emmi Alanen a feed described as “just for the sake of the sick”. Miettinen also praises the situation change attack.

“Alanen’s fantastic pass and then Rantanen’s great performance: a full-speed run and even a little bit of a ball to the goal,” Miettinen admires.

“I got through, with a bit of a bad touch and finish, the ball to the nose and from there to the finish,” Rantanen adds.

Helsinki resident The PK-35 captain’s national team debut was like a storybook. Rantanen, who joined the camp as a substitute, was instantly on the lips of the whole world.

For example, the Spanish football magazine Marca spoke of the paint freshly named Cara de Dios, or the face of God, seeking a parable Diego Maradonan in the hands of God.

The parable is a bit lame, as the football legend claimed to have received help from higher forces for his handball. Rantanen’s hit, on the other hand, was completely in line with the rules.

“The fact that paint has been taken into account abroad also sounds pretty crazy – especially how big a thing it became. It was pretty crazy and really cool, and I have been laughed a lot, ”Rantanen says.

The winning goal by Amanda Rantanen (left) kicked off a wild party in Edinburgh.­

Most special it just feels like the goal was baptized, following the name of one of the most famous hits in football history.

“It’s quite a bit that because of such a legend, that goal is called the nose of God,” says Rantanen.

“Yes, I don’t have any of the same kind of religious thinking about that goal as I did with Maradona. However, I think it had some purpose when it went to the finish line around.

At least Rantanen’s selection as a solver took place, as intended. Head coach Anna Signeulin the plan succeeded perfectly.

Thoughtful emphasizes that the performance of coaching is extremely good and justified.

“They had thought about replacing it with the end of the match. If that’s it [läpiajossa] would have been some other player, though Linda Sällström, which was swapped out, so he would have run and scratched it for 90 minutes, and would not necessarily have had the time or time to do that run, ”Miettinen recalls.

Scotland rolled towards Finland’s goal, taking risks because it had to win. The Finnish coaching recognized the possibility of passing and reacted accordingly.

“Explosive runs and first steps are Amanda Rantanen’s strengths,” Miettinen analyzes the solver.

Rami Rantanen followed in the summer of 2013, when his 15-year-old twins Daniel and Amanda played ball on the Töölö ball field.­

Closing whistle belonged immediately after Rantanen’s hit. His name was written in golden letters in the history of Finnish football.

“I have invited the whole match rousing for a moment. So I’m not just the last minute, even though it culminated in it, ”says top football manager Miettinen.

“It was the second period in a pretty bridge in between, but these Scottish matches showed that Finland has grown into a team that is really hard to beat.”

Miettinen understands that it was the hit that shocked people. However, he hopes people will see the betrayal of the decision moments take a full 90 minutes.

Did the fierce defensive battle and Alanen’s world-class pass-through go to too little attention after an important victory?

“Victory is always the victory of the collective and the loss is always the loss of the collective. It’s important to highlight both, and Amanda is a great role model and fully deserves the incense that makes it [maalista] has come, ”Miettinen replies.

Memorable seconds took Finland to the top of its European Championship qualifying round. The group win and a direct place in the European Championships will be decided in the February home match against Portugal.

“It really played a big role – it played for Finland’s situation, where Finland is back in the European Championships, and in any case at least in the qualifiers,” says Miettinen.

“It was awesome the way that last win happened. There couldn’t be much better marketing for women’s football. ”

Both Finland and Portugal are 16 points after six matches. In their final match of the qualifiers, Helmarit will face Cyprus, a pointless block jumbo.

“Hopefully we will be able to solve the race spot right away in the first game. I hope to be in that group myself, but most of all I hope Helmari wins both games and gets to the competition, ”says Rantanen.

“And it would be really great for the National League and our team to get more interest in this, and for people to come and watch our games.”


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