Sports Chess boxing came to Finland through a confusing bend: “London bankers started slapping each other in their spare time” – HS introduces four other strange sports

Finland’s first chess boxing match will be held in October. What is the species about? HS also introduces submersible disc, kabaddin, extreme ironing and calcio storicon.

World is full of special sports. When sports sites list the strangest sports, they can often be included in the eukon stock developed in Finland. For some reason, a special mention is made in this context: the amount of beer weighed by the spouse carried.

Now HS introduces a few other weird species. The main part is chess boxing, which is also practiced in Finland. In October, chess boxing matches will be held in Helsinki for the first time, with the new mayor of Helsinki commenting on chess Juhana Vartiainen.

Chess boxing sounds confusing. Can chess and boxing be combined?

The answer is yes, yes. In addition, Finland has a two-time world champion in 2018 and 2019, Sakari “Sakkematti” Lähderinne 75 kg from the series.

“It’s a natural combination. They are similar species, ”he says Tero Weckroth, which is probably the main responsibility for ensuring that the sport is also practiced in Finland.

The basic idea of ​​the species is simple. The match starts with a three-minute fast chess. After that, there is a three minute batch of boxing. These are alternated, and there is always a minute break in between.

There are five rounds in amateur matches, but longer matches are also held.

The match is won if you make a checkmate in chess, knock out your opponent in boxing or run out of quick chess. If none of these materialize, after the match the referee will decide the winner based on the points scored in the boxing.

To Finland the sport arrived in late 2014, but before that Weckroth practiced boxing in London.

“In their spare time, the bankers started slapping each other,” says Weckroth, who himself works in the banking industry.

He arrived in Finland via Switzerland and became his friend Nicklas Sandlerin (nyk. Topelius) to practice fitness boxing. Weckroth then read a story about chess boxing in the Financial Times.

“We decided to bring the species to Finland. Nicklas felt Larsin [Björknäs], and a common acquaintance Jani Peurakoski was asked to join. Coincidentally, we found a boxing coach Tero Pajusen and then we just decided to start a chess boxing club. ”

The species was invented in 2003 by a Dutchman Iepe Rubinghwho died last year.

Lars Björknäs (left) and Tero Weckroth switched to boxing after chess.

Björknäs emphasizes that in chess boxing, the species support each other.

“I’ve always liked combination sports like biathlon. After all, boxing is chess. Let’s play with our own strengths and try to control the field in the ring, ”says Björknäs.

“The greatness of the whole sport is in moving from the ring to the chessboard and trying to forget the little adrenaline and focus on the game. Both species are respected and are not meant to be a clown species. ”

Björknäs says that boxing practice is in the gym with other enthusiasts but chess is mainly played as online games. Sometimes there are also match-like workouts in the workouts.

From both what kind of enthusiasts come from? Both Weckroth and Björknäs estimate that there are more former professional boxers in the sport than chess players.

“At the World Cup level, you have to be reasonably good in either sport and very good in the other. I think it’s easier to learn to be a level boxer not to hit the ground very easily than to be a chess player not matte, ”Weckroth compares.

In Finland, as elsewhere in the world, the species is small. In Finland, the list of members includes twenty names and not all are active enthusiasts.

“We original members are focused on Helsinki, and for some strange reason, people in the financial industry seem to end up in this sport. However, the brightest Finnish star in the sport, Lähderinne, is a teacher of special children from Tampere and by profession, ”says Weckroth.

Finland The first chess boxing event will be held on October 2 at Paasitorni in Helsinki. There are four matches in the program.

The organizer is the Finnish Chess Boxing Club, and the event is produced by Weckroth. Björknäs is one of tonight’s contestants.

“If the restrictions are lifted, I believe another hundred spectators will come to Paasitorni,” Björknäs says.

“You are, Lasse, too careful. We already have 80-90 tickets sold there, ”Weckroth acknowledges that the event has been sold out due to interest rate restrictions.

Plunge, kabaddia, extreme ironing and the wildest of all: calcio Storico

Boxing in addition, there are numerous surprising and strange species. HS chose four of them.

Diving disc

Diving is played in the United States, among other places.

The diving ball is also a special species, but the rarer diving disc is possibly even more special.

Diving hockey is played only at the bottom of the pool. The disc is a lead disc weighing more than a kilogram, which is punched with bats up to 35 cm long.

The team has six players and six substitutes. Rigging is prohibited in the species, but it is nevertheless a tough species as it occurs only at the bottom of the pool.

The sport is especially practiced by freedivers, and there are also a few swimming clubs in Finland, but there are no competition activities in Finland.

The submersible was originally developed in the 1950s by the British Navy. The idea was to keep the navy divers in good condition.


Pakistan and Iran twisted in a kabaddi match at the 2020 World Cup. Pakistan won the match 52-30.

Here’s a sport that basically sounds like a team hippie. Teams have their own areas, and alternately a member of one team goes into the area of ​​the other team and tries to touch as many players of the other team as possible. They, in turn, try to prevent the “visitor” from returning to their own team’s territory.

So not very strange?

At this point, the name of the species, kabaddi, which is in Hindi and means to hold your breath, enters. A player who makes hippos must hockey “kabaddi-kabaddi” all the time when he visits another team’s territory. Why? Because it is thus known that he is constantly holding his breath – and this is what the rules require.

The sport is very popular in Bangladesh and Nepal as well as India, which is a multiple world champion of kabaddin.

Extreme ironing

In connection with wall climbing, ironing was done at the World Championships in Extreme Ironing in 2002.

Is ironing a sport? It should first be noted that this is about ironing clothes or, in this case, a towel in general on an ironing board.

The extreme thing is that the goal is to iron in the strangest possible place – on a climbing wall, when surfing or skydiving, or in any exceptional situation.

The basic rules are these: You should use a real ironing board with legs and a genuine iron. The product to be ironed must be ironed as a result.

One World Championships in 2002 have also been held in the sport.

“In order for the sport to be taken seriously, the World Championships had to be held,” explained the potential inventor of extreme ironing Phil Shaw in 2003.

After the World Cup, interest in the sport has waned, but there have been some signs of a return in recent years. There have been images on social media that iron, for example, on a mountainside.

After the Tokyo Olympics, extreme ironing rose In Edinburgh News to the title: after skateboarding, extreme ironing was needed as an Olympic sport. It was a humorous column, but the idea was that the Olympics had become a sport that could no longer be judged by quite traditional sporting criteria.

Calcio Storico

The 2017 calcio Storico match was played in Florence on June 25th.

When you combine football, rugby and freestyle, the answer is roughly calcio Storico. It is a ball sport that currently plays one match a year in Florence, Italy.

The history of the species dates back to the 18th century, and in the 1930s it was revived by a dictator Benito Mussolini.

Calcio storico has 27 players on both teams. There are no substitutes, and if one of the players has to leave the field, a new player may not be replaced.

There are rules, too, and here are the most essential limitations: another player must not be kicked in the head, and one player may not be attacked at a time by more than one player. Almost everything else is allowed. The match time is 50 minutes and the match is played on the sand field.

Usually the match of the year will be played in June, but this year it will be played due to the coronavirus pandemic on Saturday 11 September and of course in Florence. The Azzurr and Verdi teams meet in the match.



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