Speed ​​Skating Scandal in speed skating – Swedish star shocked by Dutch action: ‘This is corruption’

Nils van der Poel accuses the Netherlands of speed skating of dishonest play.

Swedish speed skating star Nils van der Poel Is shocked by the events behind the scenes at the Beijing Olympics, Aftonbladet news.

The great power of the sport, the Netherlands, has managed to get a lobbyist to attend the Games, trying to influence the conditions in the Beijing ice rink. His job is to arrange an arena of ice just right for Dutch skaters.

The Dutch Skating Association announced the matter on its own website. The release says the country’s athletes are at their best when the ice is as hard as possible.

Swedish van der Poel expressed his strong opinion on the matter at a press conference on Wednesday.

“This is far from fair. This is corruption, ”he reckoned.

“Here we try to influence things unethically and immorally. I don’t understand how the Dutch Skating Federation lets this happen and why they want the world to know about it. This is embarrassing not only for the union but also for their skaters. ”

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Van der Poel really did not spare his words, as he even compared the case to doping violations.

“This is the biggest scandal of our kind. We have had doping cases and I do not see this any less serious. ”

Swedish star wants the Netherlands to be held accountable for its lobbying. The Swedish species population is now considering possible follow-up measures.

Van der Poel has already won gold in Beijing by 5,000 meters and will skate next time on Friday when it is time for the 10,000 meters race.

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