Spain The night before Tuesday was historically cold in Spain: two cities had more than 25 degrees below zero

According to the British broadcaster BBC, exceptional weather conditions in Spain have caused the deaths of at least seven people.

Even Finns known as a favorite beach resort in Spain, this week has become accustomed to an unusual routine when the thermometer has shown record low readings.

The lowest was reached on Tuesday in Bello in Teruel, where the temperature had dropped from nine in the morning to as much as -25.4 degrees Celsius. The Molina de Aragón, where the frost was 25.2 degrees, did not freeze for long. The limit of ten degrees below zero was exceeded in eight regional capitals.

The Spanish newspaper, for example, reports on the matter El País.

Spokesman for Aemet, Spanish Meteorological Institute Rubén del Campon according to the night between monday and tuesday was the coldest for at least twenty years, but the record may go even further. However, more information needs to be gathered before final conclusions can be drawn, he explains to El País.

A Spanish woman stood on Gran Via in snowy Madrid on Tuesday.­

Normal colder weather has affected the lives of Spaniards in many ways.

Over the weekend, large snowdrifts brought with it Filomena storm as a result, several roads had to be closed and more than 2,000 motorists were left besieged by snow. A 29-year-old living in Madrid Amaia Huerta told news agency Reuters that there is no more running water in his house as the pipes have frozen.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC’s according to weather conditions have caused the deaths of at least seven people. Even injuries have not been avoided: at Gregorio Marañón Hospital, one of the largest in the capital, Madrid, for example, almost 40% of those who were on call during the past day suffered some degree of traumatic injury. In general, the figure is about 12 to 15 percent, Reuters says.

Fallen trees have also been a danger. By Tuesday afternoon, about 150,000 of them had gone bankrupt.


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