Spain The new rape law in Spain received government approval: silence does not mean consent, the minister says

The background to the law reform was the verdict on the mass rape that took place in the 2016 Pamplona bullfighting competitions. The perpetrators were convicted only of sexual abuse.

Spanish on Tuesday, the government passed a bill that would tighten the country’s rape legislation. The news agency AFP, among others, reports this.

Government Spokesman, Minister of Finance Maria Jesús Monteron according to the draft makes it clear that silence or passivity does not mean consent, or that a lack of opposition would be an excuse to act against another’s will.

Montero also noted that the bill is a significant step forward.

Legal reform the background was influenced by the verdict on the mass rape in the 2016 Pamplona bullfighting competitions.

In a 2018 sentence, the perpetrators were convicted of a less serious crime of rape, sexual exploitation.

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In the case, two men described the rape, and the victim’s silence and passivity were interpreted as consent.

The draft approved by the government follows the model of the 2018 reform in Sweden. The reform is known as the “Only Yes is Yes” Act, as the draft counts rape as sex without explicit consent.

Consent requirement in addition, the bill proposes that work-related sexual harassment and inappropriate shouting on the street be made punishable.

The draft also criminalises forced marriages and genital mutilation, and tightens mating legislation.

The draft law will then proceed to the Spanish Parliament. Parliament will probably vote on it in September.



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