Space Nassa’s space probe captures new close-ups of Jupiter’s giant Ganymedes

The spacecraft traveled closer to Ganymedes than any spacecraft for more than 20 years.

The United States space administration Nasa’s space probe Juno has taken new close-ups of Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymedes, says The Guardian.

Juno passed Ganymedes after 1,038 miles. It was closer than any of the probes since 2000. That’s when the moon approached Nassa’s Galileo probe.

“This is the closest to July, like no spacecraft has been in a generation. We are going to wait before we draw scientific conclusions, but until then we can enjoy this heavenly miracle— [Ganymedes] is the only moon larger than Mercury in our solar system, ”said Juno’s chief scientist Scott Bolton From the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

Nasa released close-ups of the icy moon taken by Juno on Tuesday.

Juno also took pictures of the dark side of Ganymedes.

Juno sonar was launched ten years ago and has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016. The sonar has remained in good condition, so with these prospects it will continue to orbit Jupiter until 2025.

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The gas planet Jupiter has up to 79 known moons, of which Ganymedes is known for the longest time. Galileo Galilei discovered the next three largest moons of Jupiter, Ganymede, and the planet as early as 1610.

The next space program toward Jupiter is the European Space Agency Esan Icy Moons Explorer. Its launch is tentatively scheduled for next year.



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